Freifunk Köln, Bonn und Umgebung


Frank Nord, 22 September 2017

VPN-Server im Eigenbau

Unverschlüsseltes Funknetz

Freifunk ist unverschlüsselt – Datenpakete werden im Klartext über den Äther gesendet. Alle Stationen in Funkreichweite können leicht abhören, welche Internetangebote genutzt werden.

Ein eigener VPN-Server bietet die Chance Daten verschlüsselt nach Hause zu übertragen und vor Angreifern im Äther zu schützen. Doch wie kannst Du Deinen eigenen VPN-Server aufsetzen? Ich beschreib’s mal mit OpenVPN und LEDE:

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Frank Nord, 30 May 2016

Seid Dezentral

Dezentrales Mesh-Netzwerk

Freifunk versteht sich als dezentrales Mesh-Netzwerk. Dezentralität ist ein Ziel vieler Freifunk-Communities - aber auch ein sehr schwieriges.

Doch was ist Dezentralität? Woher kommt die Forderung und wie setzt Freifunk sie um? Ich versuche mal eine Erklärung.

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About KBU

Our Freifunk (for free radio) network enables regional communication – independent of commercial interests.

Freifunk KBU connects people interested in free radio networks from Cologne, Bonn, and the surrounding regions. We are a branch of the global Freifunk community.

Freifunk is more than cheap network access for everyone. Social and political aspects are also important. The Freifunk community is part of a global movement creating free and open infrastructure.

Our vision is to make communication channels more democratic by using free networks. Freifunk communities around the world this idea by providing the necessary infrastructure. See for a detailed description.


Use Freifunk

Every wireless lan device can be part of the Freifunk network.

Be connected!

Some services, which will be only available from within the mesh network, are still under development. Further information can be found on our homepage..

You can use the mesh network to go online for free. Thereby regard:

  • No guarantee – We are not a commercial internet provider
  • Be nice to your neighbours – Do not do anything which could harm your neighbours
  • Protect yourself – It is technical possible to listen to radio networks

Extend the network

To extend the network you just need a reasonable router with our custom firmware. If you need any help during the set up process, we would be glad to help you.

Be part of the community

We have regular meetings on a monthly basis. Just step by or write us a mail.

  • 1st Thursday: Netzladen
  • 2nd Thursday: C4
  • 3rd Thursday: Dev-Guys meetup at C4

Everybode is welcome to join our meetings. Please note, that noobs will have a tough time at the Dev-Guys meetup.

Dates are announced in the Wiki and on the mailingliste, too

Don't hesitate to contact us.


Forum / Mailing list

We discuss all things on our mailing list. Subscribe for joining the discussion.


IRC / Webchat

Chat with us. Although many of us are on-line continuously ("idle"), it may take up to a few hours until you get a reply. Just ask your question and keep the chat open. As an alternative, you can supply your email address or other contact details.
Please user our Webchat or ircs:// (SSL), #ff-kbu


Freifunk KBU
c/o Chaos Computer Club Cologne
Heliosstr. 6a
50825 Köln